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Hey All,

Here is my latest mix! Enjoy the 100% vinyl beats!!


DJ Wax

PS: live movie of the mix under the picture!

3 mixes at once!
Hey All,

Because I'm a little behind with my mixes (I prefer to mix them more then to upload them sometimes :p ).
I'm gonna give you 3 mixes at once! Good for almost 7hours of music!

Enjoy the beats!!!


DJ Wax

For the movies of my mixes check out my facebookpage!

1st mix (30-08-2017)

2nd mix (13-09-2017)

3rd mix (23-09-2017)

Hey Fans,

Here is my mix I did for Trendy FM Retro House Day on August 26th, 2017! Enjoy the nice retrobeats!!

100% vinyl!!!


DJ Wax