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DJ Wax - In The Mix New Year 2019

Hey Fans,

Long time ago because of some issues with my hosting but they are fixed now!

Happy New Year too all of you!!!

Listen to my new years mix of in total 7h08min :D!!


DJ Wax

Listen to one of my mixes below!

DJ Wax

Day Date Location / Click for Eventpage

Sat 2018-03-10 NewRetroBelgium - I Love Retro
Sat 2018-03-24 OpperFM @The DJ's
Fri 2018-03-30 Radio WFM - The Crazy Friday Show
Fri 2018-11-03 Privéfeestje
Sat 2018-12-01 Focus Reunion
... 2100-12-31 more to come...