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Hey Fans!!

First of all I want to thank you all for making this mix the most viewed one since I started livestreaming in March!
I had over 5k views on it! And still going on!
I'm very thankful because I couldn't have done it without you looking and enjoying the beats!

Anyway, here is the mix, so you can enjoy it again!


@DJ Wax

PS: livestream movie is below the picture!

Listen to one of my mixes below!

DJ Wax

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Sat 2017-03-04 Dorp 66 presents 100% Retro Infinity
Sat 2017-03-25 DJ Wax In The Mix @ L'Estrade (Mol)
Sat 2017-06-03 Bocca Insomnia Nights The Big Deejay Contest 2o17
Sat 2017-08-26 Trendy FM
... 2100-12-31 more to come...